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Mark Aitken

Trustee 2022 - 2025

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Mark Aitken

Candidate Statement

I want to help the Trust to protect and restore wild places. My previous work experience is: 18 years as SEPA’s Principal Policy Officer on Land, and Land Policy Unit Manager; 12 years with Scottish Agricultural College, Lecturer in Environmental Sciences, and then Team Leader and Principal Consultant in Land Management and eight years as Soil Science Adviser in England and Wales, with Ministry of Agriculture.

Throughout my 38-year career, I’ve specialised on land management and the environment, across agriculture, forestry, moorlands and uplands. This includes: advising on land policies, strategies and plans to Scottish and UK Governments and their Agencies, and EU institutions; leading SEPA’s policies on land, and developing positive partnerships with the land sector; developing practical advice and guidance for land managers; research on land management and teaching students about land management, and training Government staff and agencies.

I love wild places and much of my free time is spent there. For 40 years, I’ve regularly enjoyed hillwalking, mountaineering, winter and rock climbing, expeditions, wildlife and writing. 18 articles published in mountaineering magazines and alpine journals. I’ve completed the Munros twice.

I’ve been immensely impressed with the Trust’s work throughout my 17 years as Member. I strongly support the new strategic plan. A key priority will be to implement the objectives and aspirations of this plan. If elected, I hope to strongly contribute to this. My wide experience of environmental issues, the land sector, partnership working, management, communications, national policies, and implementing strategies and plans, will hopefully be helpful.

Nominated by

Will Boyd-Wallis, Andrew Hemingway, Peter Hemingway, Chris Spray, Deborah Spray

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