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Trustee 2019 - 2022

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Gair Brisbane

Candidate Statement

I am a former outdoor instructor and graduate with a Master of Arts in Environmental Management (Aberdeen University) where I completed my dissertation in Environmental Education, considering how effective education can reduce the impact from informal recreation.  This led to me completing a contract with Scottish Natural Heritage to prepare the way for what became the Outdoor Access Code.

I have worked for the US Forest Service in Washington State where I surveyed forestry plots for logging and conservation, selecting individual stems for habitat protection (and also qualified as a Forest Fire Fighter).  During my time serving as an Officer in the Royal Air Force I maintained my passion for developing young people through leading expeditions to the Andes, the Alps, Corsica (GR20) and Germany.

On leaving the RAF I was a full time charity director for 2.5 years while I studied my investment exams and now in my current professional role I am a full time specialist charity investment manager with Aberdeen Standard Capital, headquartered in Edinburgh.

I work on a daily basis with charities across Scotland, working closely with these charity clients, considering their charitable objectives and aligning their investments with these. 

During my time as a member of the Trust I have organised and hosted a dinner where I invited guests to hear from (former Chief Executive) Stuart Brooks which I believe led to significant donations to the Trust.

I have been a trustee and finance committee member of the Officers’ Association Scotland, a military charity, and I would be delighted and privileged to be appointed as a trustee of the John Muir Trust.

Nominated by

Kate Barclay, Jeremy Prall, Stuart Brooks, James N Gibson, Derek Johnston

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