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Alan Dobie

Trustee 2017 - 2023

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Alan Dobie

Candidate Statement

I am standing for re-election to continue supporting the Trust. What have I to offer? It has taken time, but now feel well established in the Trustee role, understanding the way the Trust works and contributing positively.

My niche, such as it is, is governance and I am currently heavily involved in taking forward the governance review, updating and enhancing the framework within which the Trust operates. In this work I am constantly aware of the importance of both retaining what’s best about the Trust whilst promoting ways to improve it for the future. Maintaining continuity and helping to marshal member consultation over the summer will be key.

The Trust has great strengths - a clear vision, supremely committed staff and members, an informed approach to management, an enviable campaigning pedigree, sound policies and effective public engagement through inter alia the John Muir Award. As Trustees our role is to support staff in continuing to move all of this forward. However, doing so is challenging and to do so we need to remain smart, innovative and adaptive.

Within the above context, I support the purchase of additional property where the case is strong and continuing to develop effective partnerships – local partnerships with neighbours on our properties and wider landscape-scale partnerships where they present opportunity to make a real difference. We also need to remain both focussed and ambitious in our campaigning – wild land cannot survive as ‘islands in a desert’.

If re-elected I will continue to work hard to promote the Trust’s values and help ensure its continuing effectiveness.

Nominated by

Patrick Gray, David K J Gibson, Duncan Macniven, Maryanne Freer, Hugh Tooby

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