Alan Dobie

Trustee 2017-2020

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Alan Dobie

Candidate Statement

Scotland’s wild places have sustained me throughout my working life and becoming a JMT trustee would provide a real opportunity for me to contribute positively to their future.

What have I to offer?

Decades of outdoor activity throughout Scotland and beyond have given me an understanding of the immeasurable value of our wild places and their people, alongside the issues and threats that affect them.

Thirty years working in the public sector, initially as a local authority solicitor specialising in planning law and latterly as partnership adviser to Scottish Natural Heritage have grounded me in the legal and political context within which decisions that affect such places are made. Helping numerous conservation partnerships create fit-for-purpose organisational, governance and funding arrangements and thereafter supporting/ troubleshooting when necessary has given me direct experience of both what makes such bodies thrive and why they struggle.

My view is that JMT have an impeccable pedigree in John Muir, a clear vision of what we want to do, an enviable track record of land management, that we campaign effectively, we promote sound policies and engage the public well through inter alia the John Muir Award, so already the Trust does a superb job. However, maintaining such standards in a challenging and changing world is difficult and the Trust needs to remain smart, innovative and adaptive to do so. An experienced Board taking a long-term perspective, brave yet canny, is key.

Within the above context, I support the purchase of additional property and campaigning on wider issues when the case for doing so is strong and affordable. I also see increasing the membership as important, to underpin our work and give us more clout with others.

If elected I will work hard to promote the Trust’s values, support its staff and ensure its continuing effectiveness.

Nominated by

Jo Moulin, Patrick Gray, Alan Bailey, Hugh Tooby, John Gansler

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