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Andrew Whitfield

Trustee 2017 - 2023

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Andrew Whitfield

Candidate Statement

I have served as a Trustee for the last three years and believe that I now have a much better understanding of how the Board and the Trust operates and am in a position to assist further should I be elected for a second term.

I have served on the Wales Working Group and have recently been nominated to the Health and Safety Committee. I have also been assisting with the ongoing review of the John Muir Award.

I joined the Trust and previously chose to stand as I have a long-term interest and passion for wild and natural landscapes and their ecology.

I support and applaud the way the Trust approaches the challenges of conserving wild land through ecosystem repair and management, partnership with other organizations, campaigning to influence policy and opinion and education and engagement of people to appreciate and experience wild nature.

I welcome the extension of the Trust’s message in England and Wales, through involvement with Glenridding Common and delivery of the John Muir Award and would continue to pursue this strengthening of involvement outside of Scotland.

I hold a degree in Environmental Studies, a Post-graduate Certificate in Countryside Management and an MA in Environmental Management and Planning.

I have worked for statutory and non-statutory nature conservation organizations but have spent the majority of my career in ecological consultancy.

I am a Chartered Ecologist and Chartered Environmentalist with expertise in ecological (and other environmental) assessment, legislation, planning and management focused on ecological issues. I have given ecological evidence at a number of Public Inquires throughout the UK.

With an interest in environmentally sustainable land management and having been a member of the Trust for over 15 years I would relish the opportunity to continue to support and assist the organization in meeting current and future challenges.

Nominated by

Rob Collister, Barbara Jones, Derek Johnston, Dominick Spracklen, Chris Townsend

Member since


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