Richard Eastmond

Trustee 2021 - 2024

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Richard Eastmond

Candidate Statement

The work of the Trust is crucial in the fight to preserve and protect our wild places. Places that have become even more valued and perhaps more threatened in the past year with the increased numbers of people seeking to escape the lockdowns. Like many of you I have found solace in the regular John Muir Trust Wild Inside emails giving us a window on the wild and the Trust’s work that has continued regardless of the pandemic.

When I learnt that the Trust was calling to supplement its Trustee skills with human resource expertise I thought my skills and experience would fit the bill. I have worked at Amnesty International and other charities in the past decade where I had responsibility for people, finance, legal and IT. I have also been chair of my local primary school and on the HR committee of the local YMCA supporting young people.

In addition I offer my strong experience of charity governance and my understanding of the roles of Trustees which is to be a combination of critical friend, advisor, wise counsel and ambassador of the vision of the Trust; ensuring transparency, clear strategic aims and to be a bridge, while accountable to Members.

I enjoy linking people and ideas together, listening, being collaborative and creating the impetus for action that drives an organisation forward – and would want to do that co-actively between the staff and Trustees and with the growing membership outside of Scotland.

If elected I would be excited to bring my experience of management with my love of the wild to help the Trust, its staff and volunteers through their many interventions to influence policy, policy makers and public opinion. I would strive to help the Trust focus on protecting more land, connecting more children to the wild and growing our membership to give us a greater voice when it counts.

Nominated by

John Adams; Simon Thompson; Richard B Allan; Richard Martin; David Levey

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