John Muir Award Story - Two Wee Adventurers Family Award

Published: 15th August 2017

Two Wee Adventurers, Kerry-Anne and Finn, complete their John Muir Family Award on the Hebridean Way

Two Wee Adventurers is mother and son team, Kerry-Anne and Finn, who share their adventures in the great outdoors through their blog, hoping to inspire more families to get out and enjoy being in nature together.

In summer 2017, Kerry-Anne and Finn, decided to deepen their family connections to the Isle of Harris and learn more about the island’s natural landscape and habitats by immersing themselves in its environment. The Hebridean Way provided the backdrop for adventure, with the family opting to walk the 40 mile section across Harris. Participating in the Family John Muir Award gave purpose to the trip, providing opportunities for Kerry-Anne to introduce Finn to environmental conservation by getting hands-on with nature along the route.

Kerry-Anne notes: “We have a family connection with the island so as well as encouraging a general sense of environmental awareness, understanding and responsibility it will be a great way for Finn to foster a deeper understanding of the home of his ancestors and to appreciate a place we visit regularly in a new light.”

Through the blog, the pair share the range of activities they undertook together during their walk across the island, including getting creative through photography and journaling, identifying wildlife, collecting litter, discussing local history and spotting a golden eagle.

Read more about their adventures on the Two Wee Adventurers blog.