Views from 2050

Published: 6th August 2015

Resources about the value of nature, landscapes and biodiversity in response to the David Hume Institute Report.

Views from 2050 is a discussion about the value of nature, landscapes and biodiversity. It is a response to the David Hume Institute Report, which asked a broad canvas of people to consider themselves as being in the year 2050, with the Government’s 80% greenhouse gas emission reduction targets having been met. A summary by journalist Peter Jones is included with these resources. Jeremy Peat, Director of the David Hume Institute, invited further debate: ‘Your views would be welcome. This topic will remain with us for a while!’

The John Muir Award responded to this invitation, focusing on a particular aspect relating to the Trust vision that ‘wild land is protected and wild places are valued by all’.

The contributions report and leaflet are a collection of contributions from a wide variety of sources. Although diverse in theme, all contributions promote the idea that the natural world - and our relationship with it - should be prominent in discussions about a future ‘emission-lite’ society.

Views expressed are not necessarily those of the John Muir Trust. Thanks to all who have contributed, supported and taken an interest in this initiative.