Perthshire councillors reject new wind farm plan

Trust applauds decision to reject seven turbine Calliachar North.

The John Muir Trust welcomed the decision of councillors on Perth & Kinross Council’s Development Management Committee on 14 May to reject an application for a further seven turbines at North Calliachar in Highland Perthshire.

The proposed development would have added to the visual impact of the existing Calliacher and Griffin (pictured with Schiehallion in the background) wind farms – as well as the Beauly-Denny pylons and power lines – causing significant levels of concern in the local community.

Helen McDade, of the John Muir Trust, said: “This is a good win, not only for the community but for the nation. Our wild land is vitally important – it is what makes Scotland unique – and we must protect it.”

“We fully support the Scottish Government’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions and the use of fossil fuels, but we’ve always argued that this should not be at the expense of our unique wild landscapes.”

Ahead of the council meeting, the Trust submitted papers outlining its concerns about significant errors in the conclusions of the Planning Officer’s Report regarding: impact on three National Scenic Areas, Schiehallion and wild land; cumulative landscape and visual assessment; impacts on tourism and on local communities.

The Trust was also concerned about inadequate time being scheduled to hear community and objector views and raised its concerns about social and environmental injustice in an open letter to councillors ahead of the meeting.

Helen said: “As a minimum, we were hoping that councillors would decide on a site visit, even if they did not refuse the application outright on the sound planning reasons given by us and others.

“We therefore believe that their decision to refuse the application is a positive development in terms of recognition that Highland Perthshire needs to be protected from further industrial-scale development.”

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