East Ayrshire Council partnership creates new role

New post aims to help close poverty-related attainment gap through increasing John Muir Award activity in East Ayrshire

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The John Muir Trust and East Ayrshire Council both wish to realise the potential of learning outdoors in wild places to improve our environment and young people’s health, literacy and numeracy - especially for the most disadvantaged in society.

Therefore we are pleased to announce that the Council is funding us to appoint a John Muir Award & Attainment Project Officer to support East Ayrshire establishments for 18 months. The post will assist (primarily) schools to close the poverty-related attainment gap, through participation and achievement of the John Muir Award.

Willie White, Education Officer with East Ayrshire Council said: “We are delighted to build on a 12 year track record of growth in the uptake of the John Muir Award in East Ayrshire. It’s proven to be a popular engagement initiative. We hope to demonstrate that by encouraging positive learning experiences in wild places, people from all backgrounds can build essential skills for life, learning and work. By being part of the UK-wide John Muir Award team, this post will also bring best practice to the Council and effectively disseminate impact findings nationally.”

The closing date for applying for the John Muir Award & Attainment East Ayrshire Project Officer post is 15 February 2017.

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