Ben Taylor’s Journey for Wildness

Answering our call to start planning a Journey for Wildness, to raise funds for wild places, is Ben Taylor with an ambitious coastal walk

J4w ben taylor photo 20210129 detail

Ben Taylor has been dreaming about his mammoth Journey for Wildness for many years and is itching to get started. He plans to walk the entire mainland British coastline, doing beach-cleans and seaweed surveys along the way.

“I wanted to raise awareness of the horrific extent of pollution around this island’s beautiful and varied coastline, and to show people that they can make a big difference to save the places they care about," said Ben.

“I initially had the idea when I was working in Ullapool and exploring the incredible coasts of the North-West Highlands – as well as being inspired by John Merrill’s story of his 7000 Mile British Coastal Walk, Turn Right at Land’s End.”

At first, Ben’s walk was meant to be just a walk. However, once he started volunteering for conservation charities in Scotland, learning a lot more about the full effects of climate change, and, more importantly, realising that you don’t need to be a politician to start making the changes that are desperately needed, Ben’s ambitious plans started to take shape.

He discussed his ideas with the Marine Conservation Society team, who are supporting him with the beach cleans and encouraging him to carry out seaweed surveys along the route.

“The plan is to start in Glasgow, in early April, and head north to make the most of spring in the West Highlands; but also to try and avoid the worst of the midges," said Ben. "I’m hoping to reach Edinburgh around the time of COP26, when I will head across to Glasgow to join in with some volunteering, and to make some noise about environmental pollution and climate change.”

We have everything crossed for Ben, hopeful that lockdown is eased sufficiently to enable him to start his Journey for Wildness.

Coastal fast facts

  1. Depending on the detail of your map, the total distance of Britain’s coastline is estimated to be somewhere between 6,500 and 11,300 miles!!
  2. Cornwall is the county with the longest coastline (1,086km) followed by Essex (905km) and Devon (819km).