Trust responds to UK vote to leave the EU

Trust's long-term vision and mission will guide responses to challenges and opportunities ahead

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Last Thursday the UK voted to leave the European Union. A vote that is likely to lead to significant change for us all. How the next couple of years will unfold is difficult to know, but what is clear is that the Trust will continue to be needed to help shape the future and to continue to speak up for wild places and the people who benefit from their conservation.

Wild land throughout the countries that make up the United Kingdom will require protection, and people will continue to visit, regardless of the borders we create or remove now and in the future. The Trust’s role will be to remain influential across all political landscapes to make sure that conservation and enjoyment of wild places continues to receive adequate resources underpinned by progressive policies and regulation.

There is no doubt there will be both challenges and opportunities ahead. The Trust’s vision and mission are long-term and will guide the responses we make.

The Trust and its membership will not be alone in discussing what the outcomes of this vote will bring. We will look for ways to join with others with shared interests as the areas where we will need to act and respond become clearer. We will carry-on working to manage the land in our stewardship in the public interest and to engage communities and people with our conservation work.