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Wildness is a finite resource, in a world being stripped of its natural assets. We exist to protect, sustain and enhance wild places, working with others on alternatives to harmful land use.

Campaigning for change

In the last 50 years, two thirds of all animal populations have been lost to habitat destruction, and climate change and biodiversity collapse now threaten to transform life on earth. 

Through advocacy and campaigning, we work to raise awareness of the unique benefits of wild land – clean air, water, flood prevention, peatlands and woodlands as carbon sinks and wildlife habitats - and for their role in our own health and well-being.

We seek to persuade decision makers, both locally and nationally, to recognise and protect fragile and sensitive wild places and to challenge inappropriate development and damaging land management.

Hilltrack at Ledgowan

Hilltracks campaign

Help stop the spread of damaging vehicle tracks in the Scottish uplands.

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Working together for wildness 

We can achieve more when we join with other organisations to achieve common goals. We are a member of Scottish Environment LINK, Wales Environment LINK and Wildlife and Countryside Link, as well as the Alliance for Scotland’s Rainforest. The Hilltracks campaign is just one example of joint advocacy work to improve land use.

Visitor management

Visitors bring opportunities and challenges for both local communities and the natural environment; economic benefits through tourism, as well as increased traffic, littering and erosion. We provide infrastructure such as car parks, toilets and footpaths, as well as signage, interpretation and ranger staff to help visitors and communities manage the impacts while reaping the benefits.


Walkers at Schiehallion


We maintain over 120km of paths, from woodland and coastal trails to world famous mountain routes that provide access to seven Munros, five Corbetts and the third highest mountain in England. These include the final approach to Ben Nevis and the path to Sandwood Bay. We work to prevent damage to landscape and habitats caused by erosion, and provide access to some of the country’s wildest and most spectacular places. Learn more about our approach to path repairs.

Skye Druim Hain Pathwork 2016 - Chris Goodman

Wild Ways Appeal

Help provide essential repairs and maintenance to the paths you love to walk

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Our work makes a difference

Girl with leaf - David Lintern