Keep it Wild

Your chance to ensure new Scottish planning policy protects wild land

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Help influence new legislation for wild land

Proposed new legislation - the Planning (Scotland) Bill - is currently being considered by the Scottish Parliament. There are many aspects to the Bill which could improve the protection and enhancement of our environment, including Scotland’s unique network of “Wild Land Areas.” The planning system could also be changed to give fair weight to local communities’ concerns about planning decisions. Read on to find out how you can help ensure the Planning Bill delivers these objectives.

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Help ensure the Planning Bill improves wild land protection

We think the Planning Bill needs to have a much stronger focus on the environment than currently drafted - and specific amendments to improve protection for Scotland’s wild land. There is strong public support for wild land protection from large-scale infrastructure such as industrial-scale wind farms, major electricity transmission and super-quarries. Current planning policy protects National Parks and National Scenic Areas from large-scale wind farms - the Planning Bill gives an opportunity to extend that protection to Wild Land Areas.

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Take action - help plan a better Scotland

The Trust has been continuing its work with MSPs and other interested parties over recent weeks to push for Amendments to the Bill at Stage 2 which will give stronger environmental and wild land protection, and to create a level playing field in planning. From 12 September the Committee will start to consider Amendments that have been put forward. We will need your help to encourage MSPs to support relevant Amendments – guidance will be available here soon or contact

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Other things you can do

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Make a donation to protect wild land

It takes time and resources to protect wild land from inappropriate developments. Your gift to our Campaign Fund will help to:-

  • Fund expert help to challenge inappropriate developments at Public Local Inquiries
  • Inform and meet key politicians and decision makers to secure support for wild land protection
  • Raise awareness and inspire more people to act now to protect wild land

You can donate by using the form at the bottom of this page.