John Muir Award Fund

The John Muir Award helps thousands of people connect with nature every year

Experiencing wild places is often the first step to caring about them. Watch our 2-minute film below to see how the John Muir Trust's engagement initiative - the John Muir Award - inspires people to connect with nature.

Since it was set up in 1997, hundreds of schools, families, outdoor centres, adult learning groups, unemployment charities and health organisations have used the John Muir Award to get people actively involved in their local environment. In Sept 2015 the 250,000th John Muir Award was presented; 35,000 people were involved in 2016.

Make a donation to our John Muir Award Fund and you can help build on this success.


Your support will:

  • Enable at least 35,000 people of all ages and backgrounds to take part each year
  • Provide more opportunities for people experiencing some form of disadvantage to achieve their own Award
  • Help generate in excess of £1m worth of conservation volunteering in wild places each year
  • Help the John Muir Award work across the UK supporting partnerships with 1,600 organisations, including 1,000 schools and colleges, 20 Wildlife Trusts and 15 national parks
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What Award participants say...

"Wild places help me release all of my fears and worries and they all just jump off the edge of the hill! When I am walking, I just focus on the beauty and the subtle smell of the outdoors. It helps me to feel happy and feel very worry-free. The soft and gentle colours all help with feeling calm and safe." -Emily

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What Award Providers say...

"The John Muir Award has helped hundreds of people with drug and alcohol problems reconnect with nature and open their eyes to a whole new world around them... We have seen first-hand the inspiring change it can make to people’s lives." -Jon Hall, Phoenix Futures

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What Award supporters say...

"The John Muir Award is the most positive, sustainable award scheme that has been proven to make a beneficial impact on the lives of children and their experiences of wild places. By supporting the John Muir Trust you can help get more children outside, more often and help create environmentally-aware citizens now as well as for the future." -Juliet Robertson, author of 'Dirty Teaching: A Beginners Guide to Learning Outdoors'