Knoydart Appeal: update

With your help we are expanding the existing remnants of native woodland and encouraging the rich habitats of this extraordinary place

We have had a fantastic response to our appeal and have raised over £60,000 towards the regeneration of native woodland in this special place. A huge thank you to everyone who has made a donation.

Knoydart pine nursery june 2016 listing

Update: summer 2016

Earlier seed collections have resulted in tens of thousands of Alder, Birch and Scots Pine seeds available for sowing. Some of this seed is being grown in the Trust’s own on-site nurseries at Inbhir Dhorrcail - built with help from our fantastic volunteers. Approximately 11,000 Birch and Alder have been planted out so far and 15,000 Scots Pine (pictured here) have been sown in the nursery. Knoydart manager Lester Standen said: "These seedlings should be ready to plant out in the spring of 2018 as they will need two growing seasons in the nursery. It doesn't mean we'll have 15,000 to plant as there are always losses in nursery production, but it's a good start."

See pictures of the work done by our volunteers at Knoydart. Witness it first-hand by joining one of our conservation work parties, or keep updated with our work in Knoydart by signing up to our newsletter.

Li and coire dhorrcail (scrapbook style) listing

The project

The origins of the Trust are closely intertwined with the history of Knoydart, where our first land acquisition took place in 1987 – an area known as Li and Coire Dhorrcail. At this time the land was mostly bare, grazed to the bone first by sheep and then by high populations of deer. 

Today, thanks to over 25 years of hard work, we are beginning to see the area’s biodiversity prosper. With your help we will plant 50,000 trees over the next four years, further increasing native woodland cover and continuing the area’s regeneration.

Find out more about the Trust's work in Knoydart and our plans for the future HERE or by downloading our Knoydart Appeal leaflet.

Pine style (scrapbook style) listing

We still need your help to:

- plant 50,000 trees over 16 hectares

- collect seeds and establish further nursery areas on site

- maintain and repair fencing, control bracken and continue year-round deer control

- support local community conservation projects and employment.