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This page is intended to answer any questions you might have about remembering the John Muir Trust in your will.

If you have any other questions, please contact Adam Pinder, Head of Fundraising, at

I’d like to make a gift to the John Muir Trust in my will. What information do I need to include?

Your solicitor can advise you on the correct wording, but it will help if you include our full name, registered office address and registered charity number, as follows:

The John Muir Trust
Tower House
Station Road
PH16 5AN
Registered charity no SC002061

I’d like to leave a gift to the John Muir Trust but I’ve already written my will. Do I need to write a new will?

No. Your solicitor can add a codicil to your will that lists all changes you wish to make to your original will.  Talk to your solicitor for further details.

What are the different types of legacy gift?

A pecuniary legacy is a specific sum of money, decided at the time you write your will. Its real value will decrease over time due to inflation, unless it is index linked. Pecuniary legacies are paid out before dealing with the residue of the estate.

A residuary legacy is payable from the remainder of your estate after all debts, liabilities and cash gifts (pecuniary legacies) are paid. The residue of your estate is often divided among several beneficiaries, expressed as percentages of the whole. The value of residuary legacies increases in line with the value of the estate.

A specific legacy is a gift of a possession, typically left to a friend or family member. These are usually personal items, such as jewellery or furniture, but can also include land or property. If you intend to leave a piece of land to the Trust, please discuss this with us in advance as we must ensure that any such gifts meet our charitable purposes.

Please note we would always advise that you consult a solicitor before writing or amending your will.

Are there any tax benefits to leaving a will gift to the John Muir Trust?

Yes. All gifts in wills are exempt from inheritance tax. You may wish to discuss other ways of minimising the tax burden on your estate with your solicitor. Please note the Gift Aid scheme does not apply to gifts in wills.

I’d like to ensure my legacy is used for a particular purpose. How do I do this?

The vast majority of legacy gifts the Trust receives are unrestricted, which allows us to use the money wherever it is most needed at the time. However, if you would like to restrict your gift to a particular area of work we are happy to accommodate this. If you plan to restrict your gift please contact us for advice first.

Can the John Muir Trust recommend a solicitor to help me with my will?

The Trust cannot recommend a specific solicitor. We would advise you to consult the Law Society or Law Society of Scotland website for a list of accredited solicitors in your local area:

Find a Solicitor - Law Society
Find a Solicitor - Law Society Scotland

Can the John Muir Trust act as executor of my will?

No. Unfortunately we do not have the staff or resources available to offer this service. Your executor should be either a solicitor or trusted friend or family member.

I have already included the Trust in my will. What else do I need to do?

If you have been generous enough to include the Trust in your will, we offer heartfelt thanks. While there is no obligation to tell us about your gift, if you do let us know it will allow us to thank you now and will help us plan for the future. Thank you for supporting the Trust in this special way.