Wild Moment: Robin Perry

Published: 7th December 2017

A picture showing the mysterious wall on Suilven in the Trust's Journal prompted Robin Perry to dig out an old photograph of his own

I have only once been up to Caisteal Liath summit and that was in 1956. The wall existed, but only sheep could comfortably pass.

When Moira Bradley (a young lady from around Dumfries, also staying at Achmelvich youth hostel) and I reached it, we had to assume ovine dimensions and crawl through. Her picture shows the wall and passage, with Meall Meadhonach beyond. We didn’t venture that far.

Robin Perry p7 of Journal Autumn 2017             

(Above) The Autumn 2017 Journal photograph that sparked off Robin's Wild Moment. (Below left) Moira's photo of Robin on Suilven in 1956 and (right) a picture of Moira herself...

Robin Perry on Suilven 1956 by Moira Bradley      Robin Perry - Moira on Suiven 1956

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