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Published: 1 Apr 2022

Our strategy

We believe wild places are for everyone. Our aim is to be the leading voice for wild places and to deliver in partnership throughout the UK. In our commitment to wild places, we are guided by three freedoms and three actions and seek to develop three networks.

Three freedoms

Society is enriched when:

  • Nature has the freedom to repair itself
  • People have the freedom to enjoy the benefits
  • Communities have the freedom to thrive.

Three actions

We give wild places a voice by:

  • Demonstrating exemplary management
  • Inspiring people to engage and advocate
  • Evidencing their benefits to society.

Three networks

To promote the three freedoms and deliver the three actions, we are forming partnerships across the UK by developing:

  • A wild places network that outlines the best examples
  • An engagement network that highlights the best locations to discover the value of wild places and take part in conserving and protecting them
  • A monitoring network to identify, register and defend all wild places.