Wild Moment: Chrissy McKay

Published: 6th April 2018

A conservation volunteer writes in praise of 'things that bite'...


I won’t tell you my favourite wild places,
Nor show you on the map
Where I’ve picked too much plastic off golden sands,
And held a drowned bird in my hands.

Where roads less driven meet paths less passable,
Deeper my sense of relief.
With heaviest pack my heart is lighter to know
Some places are kept safer by things that bite:
Ticks and midges; rain, wind and snow.

Working long days in pouring rain
For magical storm-stopped moments in the sun;
Or unexpectedly meeting someone
Who makes you feel like the sun’s out - in the rain.

Chrissy McKay and Patrick

Photo by Chrissy McKay shows her dog Patrick Lightning on a wild walk-in.

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