Wild Moment: Chris Puddephatt

Published: 20th July 2018

"I’ve decided to walk around Quinag on the 1000ft contour and take some snaps..." The Assynt-based photographer shares his latest project

Ever since I completed my three day ramble up the Unapool Burn, I’ve been conscious that I thoroughly enjoyed the journey and wanted another one.

Quinag is one of my favourite mountains. It has a three-armed summit ridge, and very different landscape on each side. I want to get to know it better.

Looking at a map, I realise there is only one rocky crag that seems to block the way for a walk along the 1000 foot contour, about 305 metres in new money. Apart from the bit near to Ardvreck, it looks like it's possible. Guess it’ll take a few trips, so it's likely to take several months to complete...

Click the links below to follow Chris' progress...

Day one, July 2018: Ardvar corner of Sail Gorm down into Glen Leraig

Chris Puddephatt - 1000ft walk day 1 pic 1

Day two, September 2018: The section overlooking Loch Assynt

Chris Puddephatt - day 2 of 1k Quinag walk

Day three, November 2018: Turning north

Chris Puddephatt - 1000ft walk day 3

Day four, November 2018: Big blue sky

Chris Puddephatt - 1000ft walk day 4

Day five, November 2018: Thank you Quinag, you've been amazing

Chris Puddephatt - 1000ft walk day 5

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