Wild Moment: Delia Kennedy

Published: 4th August 2016

"My memories of walking in Scotland will be with me for the rest of time. Here is my 'song' of praise..."

The walking trips I have been privileged to take part in during recent years have been much more than holidays to me. They have been pilgrimages, when I have felt - amongst other things - the glory and majesty of God the Creator. It was a great privilege to be present amongst the dramatic scenery both from a physical aspect, the visual and the Spiritual.  

Scotland is very special to me. I feel quite strongly that I should have been born a Scot, for I love so much about it! I love the mountains, the gushing waterfalls and streams, the Lochs and wild, open moors. The glens and mountain passes. The panorama of large and small islands set in a sparkling, silver sea. Rocks and stones covered with a multitude of lichen and moss displayed in many rich colours and textures. So, so beautiful.

The camera cannot convey the full impact of scenery like the famous Cuillins on Skye. It can only give a vague idea. To walk beneath the mighty, jagged-topped, awesome peaks, reinforces thoughts on how miniscule we human ‘atoms’ are.

These mountains rule with massive authority. In a matter of moments they can change our lives – they can lift our spirits and souls to infinite heights when they are in a peaceable mood, but in a flash, they can toss us and our spirit about at will, often, for the inexperienced walker or mountaineer, with disastrous results. Scotland's wilderness commands our utmost respect, at all times.

These beautiful, magnificent areas must be kept as nature intended. Whilst I doubt I will be walking in this special place any more, I love to receive the John Muir Trust Journal which brings back many wonderful memories of the spectacular walks I have taken part in.

All these thoughts are why I have recently gladly joined the John Muir Trust as a life member, and fully support the work you do. Thank you for taking care of the precious land.

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