Scottish Instagramers visit Schiehallion

Walk and talk with Instagram group discusses the role of social media channels in tackling conservation issues

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The Trust recently hosted 12 members of 'Scottish Instagramers', a group of people who use the Instagram social networking app to share photos and videos from a smartphone, at our East Schiehallion property.

Katrina Stewart, an active member of the Instagram group who joined the morning ramble, had originally contacted the Trust asking if we would be willing to discuss some of the issues surrounding ‘responsible tourism’ and a desire of the group to encourage visitors to Scotland, but with less of an impact on the environment.

Katrina said, “Members of Scottish Instagramers tend to spend a great time in the outdoors of Scotland, posting pictures and stories that are seen and read by hundreds of thousands of people.

“We are seeing first-hand the positive and negative impacts of an increase in visitors. Whilst we don't want to stop people visiting, we do want to help encourage more responsible tourism.”

Michael McDonald wrote this blog about the experience and the resulting conversations on the relationships between social media usage and environmental impact.

The Trust has agreed to host further meets for the group and to work together to promote conservation issues through the Instagram social media channel.

You can follow the Trust’s Instagram account and see some of the other posts from those attending the ‘Instameet’ at Schiehallion here, here, here and here.

Instagram group at Schiehallion

* Instagramers create photographs to share with their online followers

Photo credits: Daisy Clark and Kevin Lelland