New 'Explorer's Guide to The Lost Words' now available

Trust joins with author Robert Macfarlane and artist Jackie Morris to produce a new educational resource to accompany 'The Lost Words’

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Since its publication in October 2017, The Lost Words has been embraced by thousands of schools and homes throughout Britain and beyond. It's meeting the aspirations outlined by its illustrator, Jackie, at the time of its launch: "My hope is that between us we have a book for all ages, a book that reads aloud to delight the ear, with images that dance in the heart. Spells for sleeping and dreaming wild places deep into the dreams of people."

To complement the book, the John Muir Trust has worked with writer Eva John to produce and host a free downloadable 'Explorer's Guide to The Lost Words'. The guide is for anyone with an interest in nature, words and images who wants to explore further some of the ideas and creatures conjured up by the 'spell book'.

"It's been nothing short of inspirational to see The Lost Words transcend the concept of 'children's book' and find an audience from babes in arms to readers and listeners over 100 years old," said Rob Bushby, the Trust's John Muir Award Manager.

"This Explorer's Guide complements the enthusiasm and curiosity that's being stimulated as these nature words are re-found, explored and nurtured, and the John Muir Trust is delighted to host it. The power of words and language is deep rooted in the heritage of the Trust, and we are actively promoting this key issue of 'literacy and nature' in education settings and beyond."

Author Robert Macfarlane said: "I'm so pleased to be working with the John Muir Trust on this. As a Life Member, and someone who's been both inspired by and involved with the Trust and its John Muir Award over many years now, it's been exciting to see our passions converge in this vital area of landscape and language. I'm hugely grateful for the support the Trust has given us here, in getting this message out to many more children and many more schools."

The Lost Words has inspired a Crowdfunder campaign to provide a copy to every Primary, Secondary and Special School in Scotland (aiming to raise £30,000 by 26 January ). And today it features in the shortlist in the search for Britain's 'favourite nature book', launched on the BBC’s Autumnwatch in October. Vote for your favourite nature book before 25 January 2018.

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