Bulldozed hill tracks: more photos wanted

Hill tracks are some of the most visible and damaging developments in rural Scotland.

Hill tracks are some of the most visible and damaging developments in rural Scotland. They are often crudely bulldozed through highly sensitive environments, doing irreparable harm to landscapes, soils and biodiversity, and contributing to the rapid loss of land unaffected by visual intrusion.

The John Muir Trust supports the long-running Scottish Environment LINK hill tracks campaign group - made up of nine of Scotland’s leading environmental organisations. The group aims to persuade the Scottish Government to bring hill tracks under control and enable proper public scrutiny of any future tracks.

In August, the Minister for Local Government and Planning announced the introduction of a prior notification and approval process for hill track construction.

LINK recognised that the new process represents a step in the right direction, but expressed concern about serious problems in implementing this complex set of arrangements and in enforcing any conditions which are set by planning authorities.

The campaign group is also worried about the possibility of a rush of new hill track construction over the next few months, before the regulations are passed by Parliament. With this in mind, it urges people continue to send in hill track information and photographs.

Pictures can be emailed or sent via the LINK website.

Please include as much of the following information as possible with your photos:

  • your email address
  • date of photo
  • location (grid reference)
  • direction (eg looking north)
  • location (start and finish)
  • estate (if known)
  • any other info (eg condition of track; if new etc).

For more information, please visit LINK's Hill Tracks website - scroll down to the bottom of the page for latest news.