Emergency Steall Gorge path repairs complete

Heavy rain in October damaged a short section of the Steall gorge path.

Heavy rain in October, which closed roads across the Highlands, also damaged a short section of the Steall gorge path as torrents of water ran down the path and washed away the outside edge.

Our Nevis conservation officers spotted the damage the following day while carrying out an inspection of the path. They contacted local path contractor, Stonescape which was able to carry out emergency work to temporarily patch up the hole and ensure the path remained usable.

Stonescape has since returned and repaired the section more substantially with large stones to build up the edge of the path. An extra water bar has been added, to shed water off the path before it reaches this point again.

Our Wild Ways Path Fund enabled us to respond rapidly to this severe bit of damage on a very popular path before it got any worse.

Climate change predictions suggest that this sort of extreme wet weather is likely to occur more frequently. Donations can help ensure we can protect paths in our care from further damage by undertaking pre-emptive work on paths likely to suffer from erosion as well as reacting to erosion when it happens.