Deep Scotland comes to Pitlochry’s Wild Space

Award winning photographer and SIGMA Italia ambassador Marco Dadone’s latest work provides a new take on some familiar wild landscapes

Moorland hut (lewis)   marco dadone provino detail

Marco Dadone’s exhibition of photographs - ‘Deep Scotland’ - is at the John Muir Trust’s Wild Space Visitor Centre in Pitlochry until mid July. His pictures provide a unique insight into some of Scotland’s most beautiful and familiar landscapes, as seen through an Italian’s eyes.

Naturally drawn to wild places, Marco is a regular visitor to Scotland. Despite living the high mountains of northern Italy, an hour’s drive from the sea , he finds that Italy is often overcrowded and that the 'good' season’s light is too bright.

"Scotland offers a deeper experience," says Marco, "its wild places, especially the islands, have marked my soul.

“The wild peace I find here – that mix of open space, adventure, strange light... all and nothing in one place – is just perfect. I aim to photograph an 'emotional landscape'. To let feelings come into my images and help shape them, hopefully revealing some of the magic I saw.

“I came across John Muir’s statue last year in Dunbar. I was intrigued it showed him as a modern San Francesco, talking with birds… I am grateful for all he did. Wild places are necessary and it’s important to remember to live in harmony with Mother Nature.

“Being out in the wild provides a sanctuary for your soul. The John Muir Trust’s efforts to protect that sanctuary, yet make it available to everybody, is a great gift. My favourite Trust property is probably Sandwood. I’ve always loved the naked, bare beaches, from which the ocean unwraps around your feet like a magic carpet. And the dunes, with the high grass dancing at the wind’s song, I’d listen to such music for years and years.”

Marco Dadone’s Deep Scotland is at the John Muir Trust’s Wild Space in Pitlochry until 19 July 2019.

Marco Dadone

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