Call for stronger nature protection post-EU

Sign this Fight For Scotland's Nature petition calling for strong laws to protect Scotland’s nature after Brexit

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A new petition has been launched by the Fight for Scotland’s Nature campaign – a coalition of 38 environmental charities including the John Muir Trust – calling for an amendment to the Scottish EU Continuity Bill that will provide stronger protection for nature.

As it stands, the bill proposes a new environment watchdog. The petition calls for the watchdog to be fully independent of government and to have real powers to take enforcement action on specific environmental complaints.

“The ability to take action on specific complaints is a key strength of the EU system, and has allowed people to challenge decisions affecting their environment, on land and at sea, but it’s missing from the proposed Scottish watchdog,” said Miriam Ross, Coordinator of Fight For Scotland’s Nature.

“The bill must be amended to include this power – and to make the watchdog truly independent of government.”

Please sign the petition.

Photograph by Don O'Driscoll