Strathy South wind farm inquiry

Strathy South wind farm inquiry: John Muir Trust calls for national investment in the Flow Country rather than profit-driven wind farms

The John Muir Trust will give evidence at the Public Local Inquiry into Strathy South wind farm.

Along with RSPB and others, the Trust will be opposing the proposed development which would add 39 turbines up to 135 metres high.

John Low, Policy Officer of the Trust said: “We have every sympathy with communities who come under pressure to accept money from energy companies out of the subsidies they in turn receive from household fuel bills.

“But we would ask everyone to stand back and look beyond short term gain and consider the long term future of the Flow Country. This is a landscape of striking natural beauty and international ecological importance.

“In its Commission of Inquiry into Peatlands, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) concluded that peatlands are ‘the single most important carbon store in the UK’ and that ‘a loss of only 5 per cent of peatland would equate to the UK’s total annual man-made greenhouse gas emissions.

“As an alternative to leaving the future of this area in the hands of a profit-driven energy company, we would like to see national investment in the restoration of peatland and other natural habitats in the Flow Country.

“This would be a more effective way of tackling carbon emissions than building inefficient wind farms on peatland. We believe it would also offer a more secure economic future for local people, and would have the potential create more sustainable long term jobs.”