Wild Space hosts Lost Landscapes art exhibition

Winifred Hodge talks about her early inspiration and how her wish to care for and share Scotland’s wild places has shaped her latest work

Amazing light on achnahaird bay from achiltibuie detail

Lost Landscapes – an exhibition by Winifred Hodge, a farmer’s daughter from Galloway who spent 20 years painting in the Yorkshire Dales – opened at the Alan Reece Gallery in the John Muir Trust’s Wild Space visitor centre, Pitlochry in early September.

At the launch of her show, Winifred Hodge explained how life has come full circle now that she has returned to Scotland to paint her favourite wild places.  

“My father was very, very keen on art and we used to go up to Glasgow frequently. I remember spending hours in the Kelvingrove Art Gallery. At a very young age I was influenced by the Scottish Colourists without knowing it.

“I went to teacher training college and did textiles as my main course. This early passion for texture and colour now comes through in my artist’s books. They combine sewing and printing and dying paper - all the things I used to love to do.

“I’m never happier than when I’m painting and my latest collection of work - Lost Landscapes - is about places that I love being in myself: solitary wild places, with no people; the wilder and more remote the better.

“There are many wonderful bits of the country that are still wild, but so many people just don’t explore that far. I hope my work will encourage others to get out and find these places. 

“I mostly paint areas that I know very well. I write copious notes and make sketches noting the time of day, how I felt, what noises were around – the grouse or whatever – and try and capture everything in my work.

Winifred Hodge - geese and swans loch rannoch

“My painting ‘Geese and Swans break the silence’ [shown above] came from a freezing cold day, when swans were landing on the ice. It was just fascinating being there until eventually I had to turn back and get home before I was snowed in. 

“I first went to a John Muir Trust AGM and Members' Gathering two or three years ago and was totally bowled over by what I heard and thought yes, that’s a conservation trust that I want to be part of. I am happy to be here.”

Winifred Hodge - Lost Landscapes

See Winifred Hodge’s Lost Landscapes at the Alan Reece Gallery in our Wild Space Visitor Centre in Pitlochry until 22 October. 

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Picture at the top: Amazing light on Achnahaird Bay from Achiltibuie.