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Published: 29 Nov 2022

Wild Moment: Mandy Ducksbury

Mandy's poem is inspired by a visit to Friar's Crag - a promontory overlooking Derwent Water near Keswick in the Lake District.

Friar's Crag Keswick

Low cloud lingers
Dark autumn sky
Rough choppy waters
Howling winds cry.

Bracken bereft of life
Leaves weeping down
Sheets of rain falling
Nature's golden crown.

Bold autumn colours
A lichen dappled tree
Mountains so symbolic
A land of the free.

Wind without direction
Acorns on the ground
Gulls no longer airborne
Silent without a sound.

Roughness of tree bark
Patterns in an acorn cup
Mother Nature so giving
In a climate warmed up.

Gnarled twisted tree roots
Debris on a shale beach
Geese and ducks in abundance
The lessons they teach.

Deep rich colours
Green moss on a stone wall
Evoke a sense of stillness
A gift to us all.

(c) Mandy Ducksbury

Rocks - David Lintern

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