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Published: 9 Aug 2023

Supporters of the Carbon Emissions Land Tax

Join our supporters in calling for a Carbon Emissions Land Tax. Sign the petition here.

It all started in 2021, when the Carbon Emissions Land Tax (CELT) was proposed to Scotland’s Climate Assembly, which had been convened by the Scottish Government, and who's members represented a cross-section of society. After weeks of research and deliberations, the Assembly voted to include the Carbon Emissions Land Tax in its final recommendations to the Scottish Government.

At the time, the Scottish Government declined to implement the tax. In reply, the Climate Assembly called for more urgency and can-do attitude from Government. We agree, and with your help, we will show Government Scotland is ready to go walk the talk when it comes to climate and environmental action. 

Here are some of the charities, groups and businesses that back our petition:

CELT Supporters

The Carbon Emissions Land Tax was included in the following publications: 

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