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Published: 10 May 2021

Governance consultation

Trustees thank Members for sharing their views on proposed changes to the Trust’s Articles of Association during a recent consultation

The existing Articles of Association are the Trust’s key governance document, detailing a range of matters including its charitable purposes; what powers it has to achieve these; Trustee appointments and their powers; Members and their rights; and how Trustee and Member meetings are conducted.

In 2020, our Trustees revised the Articles (see consultation draft download below) to reflect changes in company and charity law and to incorporate current good practice. They consulted with the Members about the changes via a survey run by research and polling organisation Civica, which then produced a summary (and a full report) of the feedback (see downloads below).

June 2021 update

The Trustees debated this feedback and used it to inform their final draft proposals (see download below, plus a note on Board responses to the consultation). These were adopted by the Members at an Extraordinary General Meeting, which followed the Annual General Meeting on Saturday 19 June 2021.