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Published: 2 Mar 2021

Wild Moment: Edie Crosbie

Winner of the 2021 John Muir Trust Wild Poetry Competition, English, P4-7 category - Edie Crosbie - writes about a scallop.


I am scallop
Sand sinker sea taster,
Not clam I am scallop! 

Like royalty to the rest.
I dance with the sea, the rocks rapidly rake at me
but my strong shell shield protects my gem: my pearl, my treasure.

As the water flows through my channels.
My pearl brightens,
the sea around me lightens.
The waves sweet susurrus sings me to sleep.
As my slaves, the waves carry me off.

The sea spits me out onto the bay,
the bay buries me,
The waves dig my grave.
My shape divine,
my rings are refined.
Now I am a treasure for you to find.

I am scallop
sand sinker sea taster,
not clam I am scallop.

 © Edie Crosbie, P7, Kilchoan Primary