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Published: 19 May 2021

Sallachy wind farm

Trust objects to proposed wind farm on Sallachy estate near Lairg in Sutherland.

Nine turbines with a blade to tip height of 149.9m are being proposed for a site within the Reay-Cassley Wild Land Area on peatland slopes above the southern shore of Loch Shin. This is a re-run of an earlier application for a larger wind farm on the same site. That earlier application was refused by Scottish Ministers in 2015.

The Trust is engaged on grounds of foreseen direct and significant impacts to the Reay-Cassley Wild Land Area and to the priority peatland habitats that are a feature of the south eastern part of this Wild Land Area.

In late January 2021, the Trust held an online meeting with the developer to discuss the revised plans. In May 2021, with the land manager’s permission, a small group of Trust staff and Trustees visited the site to get a better understanding of the project, the land where the development is being proposed and the surrounding landscape.

Following this site visit we submitted an objection. This is available to download below.

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