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Published: 26 Aug 2021

Achany extension wind farm

Trust objects to proposed wind farm on the Glencassley estate near Lairg in Sutherland.

A proposed development on the site of a former unsuccesful application for ‘Glencassley’ wind farm for 20 wind turbines at 149.9 metres and associated infrastructure.

The Trust is engaged on grounds of foreseen direct and significant impacts to the Reay-Cassley Wild Land Area and to the priority peatland habitats that are a feature of the south eastern part of this Wild Land Area.

We have submitted an objection which is available to download below.

UPDATE: on 24 May 2022 the Trust responded to the submission of Additional Information by the Applicant. The Additional Information related to the removal of two turbines from the design. In its response the Trust maintained its objection to the scheme. The Trust's response to the Additional Information is available to download below.

Read Director of Policy, Mike Daniel's article in the Scotsman.