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Membership Research Panel

Join the Trust’s Membership Research Panel and tell us what you think about the John Muir Trust

We are looking for members to join our Membership Research Panel - a group of members willing to feedback on important issues affecting the running and future direction of the Trust.

What you need to know

  • Those who sign up to the panel will be contacted up to a maximum of four times per year to take part in research about the Trust. For example, you may be sent a questionnaire; asked to take part in a telephone call or discussion group; or invited to events in your local area. Those who join the Membership Research Panel are welcome to participate as much or as little as they want and can opt out at any time.
  • All the information you provide will be confidential and any research conducted by the Trust's membership team, and with research company partners, will be done in accordance with the Market Research Society Code of Professional Conduct.
  • John Muir Trust Membership Research Panel members' personal data will be stored securely in line with the Data Protection Act. The data will not be used for any other purposes except for the running and management of our Research Panel and in support of the Trust's work.
  • Your details will not be shared with any other organisation and all information and responses provided by you will be kept anonymous - it will not be possible to identify individual respondents when reporting research results.

How to join

Let us know you would like to join by emailing We'll be in touch soon after to send you an initial welcome survey. 

Please include the following information:

  • Full name
  • Membership number (if known)
  • Address, including postcode
  • Best telephone number to contact you on
  • If you are male or female
  • Your age group (16-24 | 25-34 | 35-44 | 45-59 | 60-74 | 75+)
Woodland with Ferns - Benjamin Statham

Join the Membership Research Panel

Email us to let us know you'd like to join

Email us


If you have any questions about joining the Trust's Membership Research Panel please email Julie Gough, Marketing and Communications Manager.

Want to opt-out of the membership research panel? Email us at to let us know and we'll remove you from the list.