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6 Dec 2022

Outdoor based learning - invitation to tender

The Trust is looking to commission a review of outdoor based learning and whether it is an effective mechanism for fostering genuine and lasting nature connectedness that leads to advocacy for wild places.

As a community focused conservation charity dedicated to the experience, protection, and repair of wild places across the UK, our vision is for a world where wild places are respected and protected, where nature flourishes and where the value of wildness is shared for the benefit of everyone.

The Trust seeks a greater understanding of the impact of outdoor based learning and engagement in fostering genuine and lasting connectedness to wild places; and to understand how developing nature connectedness in wild places can enable individuals to become advocates for, and supporters of, wild places.

As such, a tender is being commissioned to examine research and the impact of existing engagement models, to inform our future engagement endeavours.

Download more information here

Submit tenders  to Mhairi Stewart, Policy Strategy Lead,

Deadline: 06 January 2023.