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30 Jan 2023

Fantastic response to Wild Places Survey

Where’s your wild side? Please join the people around the UK who are sharing details of their precious wild places and enabling us to add them to our register and help protect them.

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Huge thanks to everyone who has completed our Wild Places Survey so far – including Sir David Attenborough who wrote that he couldn't choose, but shared a "great affection" for one of his favourite UK wild places.

Despite only being at the halfway mark, the data is already revealing interesting trends and we encourage more people to take part before our Wild Places Survey closes on 17 February 2023.

Every answer will help us develop:

  • a register of wild places which will list the most important wild places across the four nations of the United Kingdom based on how they provide freedom for nature to flourish, freedom for people to benefit from being in them and freedom for local communities to benefit from them
  • recognised standards that will enable land managers of wild places to manage them sensitively and sustainably.

Ultimately we will set up an independent monitoring unit to assess and report on the condition of wild places across the four nations.

Our aim is to demonstrate the positive impact of exemplary land management on these sites and inspire people and communities to benefit from and advocate for them.

  • Read more about our Wild Places Survey.
  • For your chance to WIN £1000 of outdoor gear from Mountain Equipment*, please click on the link below and tell us which wild places are important to you, and why. (*T&Cs apply).
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Wild Places Survey

Please tell us about your favourite UK wild places so we can protect and repair them for future generations

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