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27 Mar 2023

Scottish Forestry partnership success

A one-year partnership with Scottish Forestry has strengthened people's engagement with and care for trees, woods and forests across our wild places.

John Muir Award and Scottish Junior Forester Award partnership 2

The Trust has helped deliver Scotland’s National Forestry Strategy by supporting a new Scottish Junior Forester Award focused on woodland management and forestry careers and strengthening John Muir Award participants engagement with and care for trees, woods and forests across wild places.

Bringing expertise and links gained from 25 years of the John Muir Award, the Trust helped design and pilot a new  Scottish Junior Forester Award. Nearly 1,500 Awards have been registered since it was launched in May 2022 - 80 per cent of these with people aged 7-14 years-old.

Scottish Forestry Junior Forester badge

We also led a collaborative project encouraging people to find and navigate through nature-based awards progression and pathways. Achieving awards in, through and for nature is a freely available online resource.

The partnership helped stimulate and highlight over 12,000 tree-related John Muir Award links over the year, 25 per cent achieved by participants experiencing disadvantage.

With thanks to Scottish Forestry.

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