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21 Dec 2023

Field Notes: Happenings at Glenlude in 2023

Glenlude Manager Karen Purvis shares a summary of some of the many highlights of the past 12 months on our wild patch of the Scottish Borders.

Glenlude volunteers 2023

We have had some terrific support over the past 12 months and made new friends both at Glenlude and further afield.

Once again our fantastic volunteer work parties have been a huge help: 36 volunteers (including three from our coroporate members Absolute Escapes, 11 from the Waldorf School Vancouver and a group from Artemis Investment Management) gave over 90 days of conservation work, helping us with essential tasks and further tree planting.

Following the felling of all 10 hectares of larch in 2021, we have continued to replant these areas with a lovely mix of native broadleaved trees and shrubs creating a mosaic of habitats across the site.

Numerous groups including our regular volunteers are helping with this, mainly concentrating on the areas (5ha) closest to the hut where access is relatively easy. We have contracted out the remaining areas towards the south side of the property to a local forestry company and they have just finished planting 5,500 native broadleaved trees and shrubs across the site. To minimise our use of plastics, these trees are being planted in bio-degradable tree tubes.

A huge thanks to all who have supported us along the way. 2024 promises to be a very exciting year, but more on those plans later.

  • Read a longer version of Karen's news - including an update on the Glenlude Gathering Shelter, and details of some of the fantastic groups of volunteers that helped with conservation tasks and surveys - in her annual newsletter Glenlude Happenings 2023.