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28 Mar 2024

Trust reaches out to Members and supporters with appeal

The John Muir Trust has launched the 'Vital Appeal' in response to a serious funding shortfall that will bring changes to the wild place charity and its 2024 budget.

Muirburn - Kevin Lelland

Like many other charities and membership organisations, the John Muir Trust is operating within a particularly challenging financial environment.

The Trust’s operating costs in the last year have been significantly higher than income and the budget and financial planning process for the current year (2024) revealed a serious financial deficit.

In response costs were reduced across all areas of the business, but even after these cost savings the charity has not reached the minimum financial level required of us. Sadly, there was no option but to take the incredibly difficult decision to put up to 19 jobs at risk.

We have delayed a number of projects until we have the funding and resource to support them, and are making changes to how we run the John Muir Award this year while we develop the new Award.

We now need to focus on how we will manage the challenges of change, and we are asking for your help.

Donate to our Vital Appeal today*

The work of the Trust is more important than ever in inspiring people to advocate for wild places across the UK; showcasing how, when given the freedom to thrive, wild places tackle the climate crisis and reverse biodiversity loss; and campaigning for legislative change to protect wild places**.

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The future of wild places in the UK relies on the support of the public to influence decision makers. We need more voices advocating for the protection of wild places for the benefit of all.

*Huge thanks to everyone who has already generously donated to our Vital Appeal to support our work in wild places. We couldn't do it without you!

**We are delighted that our work with partners at REVIVE has helped ensure that grouse moor managment is to be regulated for the first time, protecting peatland and raptors. (Photo at the top by Kevin Lelland)


Urgent funding shortfall puts wild places at risk

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