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11 Mar 2021

Modern motivators celebrated during #JohnMuirDay 2021

Who inspires you to take action for nature? Share your stories on social media and help us celebrate #JohnMuirDay (21 April).

Muir on rock

Over the years, John Muir's legacy has motivated thousands to enjoy and take action for wild places across the globe. We can learn from the past to help make a better future. However, for this year's #JohnMuirDay - centred on Muir's birthday 21 April - we are excited to explore and celebrate people who inspire and motivate us today. 

In this time of restrictions and recovery, please share your stories of the people who have, and continue to inspire you – campaigners, artists, neighbours, rangers, scientists, writers, grandmothers, teachers, celebrities, youth workers, volunteers, outdoor guides and many more...

Here are a few inspirations:

  1. Vince @TOPAyrshire celebrates Jacques Cousteau Vince @TOPAyrshire
  2. Lindsay at The Conservation Volunteers in East Ayrshire celebrates Dave Goulson Lindsay at TCV
  3. Jo from the Princes Foundation at Dumfries House celebrates her entomologist Grandpa Jo at Princes Foundation
  4. Lorna from the John Muir Award celebrates Ironman legend and Parkrun head of health and wellbeing Chrissie Wellington by lorna sloan
  5. Outdoor teacher Carolyn celebrates US author and conservationist Rachel Carson by Carolyn
  6. Hugh from Princes Foundation celebrates his Grandpa by Hugh
  • Celebrate your modern day motivators by sharing your stories on social media using the hashtag #JohnMuirDay
  • Download your 2021 #JohnMuirDay logo and spread the invitiation across your networks.

Reflect on our nature nurturers…

Check out these thought-provoking articles about nature conservation that help reimagine historical figures, and reposition under-represented voices.

Who motivates you to take action for nature? #JohnMuirDay

Six ideas to get motivated by Muir

  1. John Muir, Earth – Planet, Universe 
    This graphic novel based on the life and adventures of John Muir, is supported by a range of learning resources and activities designed to help children develop a deeper understanding and awareness of the natural environment and the importance of protecting wild places. 
  2. Mission:Explore John Muir
    Mission:Explore John Muir is a unique set of activities which reflect the adventures and ethos of the Victorian Scot. Download your free version in English, Welsh or Gaelic. 
  3. Discover John Muir 
    This is an extensive website with a wide variety of Muir-related information, activities and examples: from book lists, to card games and film ideas… there’s something for everyone.
  4. John Muir’s Birthplace
    Inside the restored house where John Muir was born in 1838, are three floors of family friendly interactive displays which give you the opportunity to accompany John Muir on the journey of his life, from a boyhood exploring East Lothian’s rugged coastline to adventures in the pristine wilderness of the American frontier. Please check Government COVID-19 guidance before planning your trip.
  5. Home activities for children 
    From March to August 2020 the John Muir Birthplace Trust created a series of 100 activities for children.
  6. The John Muir Way
    Why not plan your own adventure on one of Scotland's Great Trails – 134 miles coast to coast through the heart of Scotland – and before you go, remember to brush up on the Scottish Outdoor Access Code and consider any Covid-19 related guidance on travel.

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