30 Jun 2021

Caution to walkers after partial collapse of Glen Nevis path

Steall Falls - Susan Wright

Part of the popular Steall Falls path in Glen Nevis collapsed on 26th June 2021. The track is still passable, but we are asking walkers to take extra care. 

Steall Falls path damage 1The footpath to the picturesque Steall Falls - which starts at the end of the Glen Nevis Road - falls within the area of land we look after in Nevis. We have carried out temporary repair work, but major maintenance work will be necessary later in the season.

The collapse occurred about 200 metres before the Gorge opens out on to Steall meadows. It has led to considerable damage to the edge, and loss of revetment stone.

We estimate about 15 to 20 tonnes of stone will be needed to repair the popular path and the work will require the support of a helicopter.

Work is expected to begin sometime in August, and will take around two weeks, during which time the path will be closed to walkers.

Steall Falls path damage 3

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