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John Finney

Trustee 2019 - 2025

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John Finney

Candidate Statement

During this past three-year Trustee term, I served on the Fundraising Committee, the Engagement Review Working Group and, as Governance Committee Convenor, on the Chair’s Working Group. In seeking election for a second term, my scientific research on complex systems, project management experience as Chief Scientist at a national laboratory, and voluntary sector work in grant giving and influencing public opinion and government, can be put to good use by Johh Muir Trust in furthering its objectives.

My scientific background is particularly relevant as the Trust further develops its ideas on biodiversity - and climate change-sensitive land management. Also relevant here is my work on UNESCO’s Science Ethics Commission on land use and climate change mitigation.

Concerning wild land protection, I made a successful legal challenge to a Welsh Government planning decision. Consequently, a planning loophole
previously being exploited by developers has been closed. I have also been working with a Wildlife Trust to restore and conserve a wild upland meadow.

The immediate priorities I see for the Trust are to:
• Push our agenda for legal protection and ecological recovery of wild land by evidence-led influencing of policy makers.
• Work with rural communities and influence landowners to manage land in ways compatible with enhanced biodiversity and climate change mitigation.
• Through widening our targeted outreach work, increase public awareness of, and enhance people’s experience of, wild land.

This year the Trust is looking for experience in four areas. I can offer this in three: land
management, fundraising and public policy development.

Nominated by

Peter Foulkes, Patricia Jordan, Duncan Macniven, Chris Townsend, Sheila Wren

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