Hilltracks campaign: make a New Year's Resolution to help

Published: 9th January 2017

Beryl Leatherland, Co-Convenor of the LINK Hilltracks campaign group makes a compelling suggestion for a New Year Resolution

"You already “do a bit” for the environment by being a member of the John Muir Trust, and you are probably a member of other associations and charities too. All of them will appreciate your continuing financial support in helping them towards achieving their objectives. You may also contribute practical support by being involved in on the ground activities in work parties, path repair activities, tree plantings, beach cleans, helping with admin and so on.

I want to appeal to those who feel they cannot spend much time in offering practical help (and indeed also to those who could afford a few extra minutes a week!). There is an easy and cost effective way in which you could offer a small amount of regular time to the laudable cause of improving the standard of often damaging and unsightly hilltrack construction in the Scottish hills and reducing the unnecessary ones. This is the Scottish Environment LINK Hilltracks campaign which has been running since 2013 and which the John Muir Trust is a founder member and strong supporter of.

All we would ask you to do is to spend around 10 minutes a week checking the planning section of local authority websites for prior notifications and applications for hilltracks and hydro tracks, sending us a brief email with your findings. You can do this from the comfort of your home while enjoying your mid morning coffee – no need to get out there in all weathers to do good works!

It is an easy task and you would be contributing in a very important way to our monitoring exercise. But you are retired and like to go travelling frequently/look after and visit grandchildren? No problem! Let us know and we will cover your absence. So there is really no excuse for not getting involved is there? And Trust members south of the border – we have a very helpful young volunteer with a busy job who lives in Brighton so you have no excuse either!

Why not give this a try? No obligations or commitments. Once you have sussed out what to do your weekly search becomes a quick routine – unless you browse all the interesting applications you will find!

Further information about the campaign can be found here or contact hilltracks@scotlink.org

Thank you!"

Beryl Leatherland


LINK Hilltracks subgroup (supported by the John Muir Trust)