Response to Scottish Government consultation on onshore wind policy

Published: 13th June 2017

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The Scottish Government’s draft onshore wind policy statement published in January 2017 reaffirmed the Scottish Government's existing onshore wind policy. A consultation during the period January to May 2017 sought views on a number of issues relating to supporting the sector and the Trust responded.

In our response we set out two key recommendations:-

  • that Environmental Impact Assessments should be undertaken by Scottish Natural Heritage, rather than commissioned by developers. (Developers would still fund the costs of these). We believe EIAs could be more efficiently done in this way, with better results and contributing to institutional knowledge.
  • that Wild Land Areas be given the same protection from wind farms as National Parks and National Scenic areas in Scottish Planning Policy. We believe that the consent given to the Creag Riabhach development, as well as extended Public Local Inquiries into other developments on Wild Land Areas, is evidence that current policy is not strong enough.