Keep it Wild - take action!

Published: 21st December 2017

Write to or email your MSPs and/or Scotland's Planning Minister about the need to save Scotland's wild land.

  • If you live outside Scotland and don’t have MSPs - write to the Minister for Local Government & Housing (responsible for planning in Scotland). Send your letter to:- Kevin Stewart MSP, Minister for Local Government & Housing, Scottish Government, St. Andrews House, Regent Road, Edinburgh, EH1 3DG. You can also email the Minister
  • Send us a copy of the responses you get to or by post to Mel Nicoll, John Muir Trust, Tower House, Station Road, Pitlochry, PH16 5AN

Suggested bullet points for your letter/email to MSPs/the Minister – build your letter or email around these

  1. The Planning Bill (introduced to the Scottish Parliament on 4 December 2017) is a fantastic opportunity to improve protection for Scotland’s wild land
  2. The Bill as presently drafted is "silent" on the environment, with a focus on facilitating development. Please do all you can during the Planning Bill process to improve protection for Wild Land Areas, for example, by bringing in a Statement of the "Purpose for Planning" which includes explicit reference to the protection and enhancement of the natural and cultural environment, and for Wild Land Areas to have the same protection as National Parks and National Scenic Areas.
  3. Wild land matters - a recent YouGov survey for the John Muir Trust showed that 80% of Scotland’s people want to keep Scotland’s Wild Land Areas free from major developments.  That is a colossal 16 to 1 majority giving their backing to wild land protection
  4. Wild land is a key part of Scotland’s natural heritage and national identity. It is a major driver of the Scottish economy, attracting tourists from all over the world to visit, spend money and support jobs in some our most fragile local communities.  (eg Scotland was voted the most beautiful country in the world in a Rough Guides readers’ poll in 2017)
  5. I look forward to your assurance that you will help to ensure the Planning Bill better protects wild land