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Published: 29th August 2018

Help get amendments to the Planning (Scotland) Bill to improve wild land protection

Proposed new legislation - the Planning (Scotland) Bill - is currently being considered by the Scottish Parliament. There are many aspects to the Bill which could improve the protection and enhancement of our environment, including Scotland’s unique network of Wild Land Areas.

Over the summer, the Trust has been working with MSPs and other interested parties in preparation for Stage 2 of the Bill. We hope this will result in amendments to strengthen protection for nature in general, and  wild land in particular, and to create a level playing field in the planning system by giving communities and environmental campaigners the same rights as developers.

We will soon need your help to encourage MSPs to support key amendments that will ensure the best outcome for wild land. If you have live in any of the following regions, you will have MSPs on the Local Government & Communities Committee (the lead committee for the Bill) - Glasgow; Mid-Scotland and Fife; Lothian; Central Scotland.

  • If you live in other regions it is important that you ask your own MSPs to speak to their party representatives on the Committee. Find your MSPs here
  • If you live outside Scotland you can write to Kevin Stewart MSP, the Minister for Local Government, Housing and Planning, Scottish Government, St. Andrews House, Regent Road, Edinburgh, EH1 3DG. Email the Minister

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Suggested points for your letter/email

  • You have an opportunity as my MSP/the Minister to ensure new Scottish planning policy protects Wild Land and creates a fairer planning system;
  • The Bill as presently drafted is "silent" on the environment, with a focus on facilitating development. There is strong public support for improved Wild Land protection, as well as for Equal Rights of Appeal to put communities on a level playing field with developers – currently the only people with a right to appeal planning decisions, other than by expensive court action;
  • Please help to ensure the Planning Bill has a much stronger focus on the environment than currently drafted by supporting the following amendments:- [amendments we need you to show your support for will be listed here soon]

Thanks for taking action!

What happens next?

There is a further process (Stage 3) during which the whole Parliament considers and decides on any Stage 3 amendments which have been submitted. This is the final opportunity for MSPs to propose amendments to a bill in order to tidy up the wording of the bill and debate important issues relating to it. This takes place in the Chamber and ends with a decision about whether or not to pass the Bill. If Parliament is in agreement the Bill is put forward for Royal Assent and then becomes law.

Contact Campaigns Co-ordinator, Mel Nicoll

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