Photo Gallery: Snapshots from the Nevis Rangers

Published: 21st December 2017

Property Manager Alison and Ranger Nathan look after our land at Nevis. Here we share a few photos from their year on the Ben.

Location, location, location...


Just your average day at the office - Nathan's accommodation for the week as he took advantage of good weather in August to monitor Mountain Ringlet butterflies.

Alpine wildflower recce on the North Face


"Over the past three summers the North Face Survey project has identified many rare alpine species throughout the ragged cliffs and surprisingly green gullies. As there was no survey this year, in July we decided to revisit some of the sites to check on the progress of these secluded plant communities." - Nathan

Above: Alison in No. 5 Gully where they found starry saxifrage, Alpine speedwell and Hare's-foot sedge.

Springtime snow

ranger_snowy summit

April scenes heading to the snowy summit of Ben Nevis.

Getting stuck in with footpath repairs

ranger_path repair

A weekend volunteer work party at Glen Nevis. The team managed to do some footpath work (pictured above) to upgrade a section of path past Steall Meadows. They also carried out water vole surveys.

Helicopter rescue


A helicopter rescue on Ben Nevis. "Thankfully we were around to assist the injured person before mountain rescue and the coast guard arrived. It’s moments like this that show how important it is to be prepared on the hills." - Nathan

Litter picking


In total four footpath and litter picking days were carried out on Ben Nevis this year. "It was a very successful year in terms of litter managment as more of the public seem to be aware of this issue and want to make a difference." - Nathan

However the team still managed to find 120kg of rubbish this year, including tissues, asparagus, a compass, a peanut packet (best before Jan 1987), plastic bottles, banana peel, orange peel, beer bottle tops, sweet wrappers, foil, flags, bits of walking poles, chewing gum and a historic horseshoe from a long dead pony!

We launched our Wild Land Rangers appeal in Spring 2017 to help fund the essential work our rangers do on all of our properties. For more updates from our rangers in the field, why not follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

All photos courtesy of Nathan Berrie