Planning Bill timeline

Published: 5th February 2018

Find out about the key stages in the Scottish Planning Bill - with links to key Scottish Parliament/Government documents

Scottish parliament debating chamber

5 February 2018 - Trust response to Planning Bill submitted

4 December 2017 - Bill introduced to Parliament

15 December 2017- launch of call for written evidence

2 February 2018 - closing date for submissions in response to call for written evidence

28 February 2018 - oral evidence session (Stakeholder Panel 1)

7 March 2018 - oral evidence session (Stakeholder Panel 2)

14 March 2018 - oral evidence session (Stakeholder Panel 3)

21 March 2018 - oral evidence session (Scottish Government)

Scottish Parliament briefing on the Bill

Scottish Government flowcharts explaining how the Bill proposes to change development planning and the preparation of local development plans

Visit the Scottish Parliament website for more information

Image of Scottish Parliament Debating Chamber courtesy of Scottish Parliament