Keep it Wild campaign/Planning Bill timeline and key milestones

Published: 26th November 2018

Find out what has happened in the Campaign so far

Scottish parliament debating chamber

  • December 2017 – Scottish Government introduces the Planning (Scotland) Bill to the Scottish Parliament
  •  February 2018 - Trust response to Planning Bill submitted
  •  February 2018 – Trust is joined by supporters outside the Scottish Parliament to encourage MSPs to support measures to improve wild land protection. Read more
  • February 2018 – campaign group Planning Democracy (which is supported by the Trust) give evidence to the Parliament’s Local Government & Communities Committee (LGCC) on the need for equal rights of appeal
  • February 2018 - Trust contributes to LGCC Planning Bill discussion in Stirling
  • March 2018 - Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe) report highlights the Trust’s call for the planning system to have a specific Purpose that will help secure the protection and enhancement of the natural and cultural environment
  • May 2018 – the LGCC’s Stage 1 Report is published. Trust welcomes Committee's recommendation that a Purpose for Planning and Equal Rights of Appeal be given further consideration at Stage 2. Two MSPs refer to wild land in the subsequent Parliamentary debate
  • Summer 2018 – Bill moves to Stage 2. Trust continues its work to show MSPs and other interested parties about how the Bill can be amended to give stronger environmental and wild land protection, and also to create a level playing field in planning. The LGCC meet regularly to consider and vote on amendments to the Bill put forward by MSPs from all parties
  • Autumn 2018 - Alex Cole-Hamilton, Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP for Edinburgh Western submits an amendment (#322) that would give Wild Land Areas similar status to National Scenic Areas
  • Summer/autumn 2018 - Trust calls on members and supporters to encourage their MSPs to support the wild land amendment, as well as amendments that would give communities and environmental campaigners similar rights to developers to challenge planning decisions, by introducing an Equal (or Community) Right of Appeal, and an amendment that would introduce tighter control over damaging vehicle tracks in the uplands
  •  October 2018 - Amendment #165 - to tighten control over the construction of damaging vehicle tracks in the Scottish uplands - is discussed by the LGCC. It does not secure the Committee’s support. Find out about the Hilltracks Campaign
  • November 2018 - Amendments #59 and #60 – to create a level playing field in planning so that communities have similar rights to developers to challenge planning decisions – are discussed by the LGCC. They are voted against. However, there is strong Committee support for further consideration at Stage 3 of the Bill
  • November 2018 – MSPs debate and vote on the wild land amendment In spite of many Trust members and supporters having added their voice by contacting their MSPs, sadly the amendment was not supported. Read our assessment here
  •  November 2018 - Stage 2 (Committee consideration of the Bill) is concluded
  •  Still to come – Stage 3 of the Bill (includes full Parliamentary debate)

See the Scottish Parliament website here for official reports of the meetings, including transcripts of the Committee's discussions and how the Committee voted on each amendment.

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Image of Scottish Parliament Debating Chamber courtesy of Scottish Parliament