A view from Glenridding

Published: 6th August 2019

Rob Shepherd provides a community view of the Trust’s involvement at Glenridding Common

Patterdale Parish Council

When it was first proposed that the John Muir Trust might take on the lease of Glenridding Common there was some nervousness locally. Rumours abounded of sheep and trail hounds being kept off the fells and sinister tales of a rewilding agenda sent temperatures rising. The parish was still recovering from the ravages of Storm Desmond and the thought of yet more change and upheaval was met with some trepidation.

I'm happy to say however that, 18 months on, our experience has been entirely positive. From the very start, Trust personnel have made a huge effort to engage with the local community. This is in no small part down to the efforts of Pete Barron whom we know, trust and respect of old. He has done a fantastic job in working to maintain the delicate equilibrium between the need to enhance the environmental quality of the common and the needs of the local community. 

In addition to the work carried out on footpath restoration and the enhancement of the common’s unique flora, the Trust has worked closely with the community on schemes to alleviate flooding further down the valley through clearance of drainage channels and selective planting. Links are also being forged with the local primary school to ensure that all local children have a good understanding of the rich environmental heritage on their doorstep.

We look forward to the continued collaborative efforts of the Trust and sincerely hope that its lease of Glenridding Common extends well beyond the current three-year timeline.

Rob Shepherd OBE is Chairman of Patterdale Parish Council

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Photo credit: Simon Webb of Glenridding Beck